Cambodian Agricultural Production

The agricultural sector, including rice farming, livestock, forestry, and cultivation of other crops, directly employs more than 65% of Cambodia's labor force and accounts for almost 35% of GDP. With its large amount of arable land, ample rainfall, large workforce and close proximity to the major ASEAN markets of Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has unrivalled potential in the agriculture sector.

Arable Land Per Capita (ha/person)

Grand Lion Group seeks to become Cambodia's premier agricultural developer and operator and the Group is constantly evaluating opportunities in the sector. We seek to improve agricultural productivity and long-term profitability through:

  • Capital development of land and water (particularly irrigation) assets.
  • Implementing modern agricultural management techniques with reliance on international expertise where appropriate.
  • Working collaboratively with local communities to provide skilled, safe and sustainable employment opportunities.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Improving access to isolated rural areas through the construction of agricultural roads and improving water transport infrastructure.

Co-investor and operator of two rubber
concessions in Kratie Provinc

Two adjacent 6,000 ha rubber plantations located in Kratie Province. Expect to be fully developed by 2019 with a total investment of approximately US$100m.

Concessions acquired and being developed. Approx. UD$50m invested to-date.

Cattle feedlot project - Sihanoukville

Signed a binding MOU with Australia’s third largest cattle producer to develop a 5,000 head feedlot

Feehold land acquired and feasibility study commenced.